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Gerti\'s garten

Gerti\'s garten


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Like, flowers

Like, flowers

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Photo shows lotus seeds - edible like nuts - each seed the size of an Acorn.
Lotus seeds are delicious. The size of a lotus seed is approximately the same as the size of an Acorn. The taste of a fresh and fully ripe lotus seed is somehow comparable to fresh - i.e. un-dried - hazelnuts. Lotus seeds are commonly eaten in Cambodia. Another part of the lotus flower used as food resource are lotus flower stems before they rich the water surface, hence before the lotus buds start to grow. The lotus leaves sometimes are used to wrap food. The common use of lotus parts as widely spread and most valuable food resource is the reason why in Cambodia so many large lotus ponds and lotus fields are maintained. Low maintenance / NO maintenance but a rich source of healthy food. In addition the lotus ponds accommodate a variety of other edible aquatic life such as fish, frogs, edible snails and much more.
At this point the life cycle of a lotus flower ends, new buds grow, open and blossom in full God made beauty for the joy and wellbeing of mankind.
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Crocus - the first flowers of spring 2008

Lupine at Quail Hollow Ranch, CA USA


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High resolution lotus wallpaper 1600x1200px - Pink lotus of Cambodia.
In album Lotus flower photo - Lotus blossom images - Lotus pond photos
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