Sunday, February 8, 2009

Amazon rainforest medicinal plants guided tour


The poppy bloomed, but it was so heavy it broke the stem ... I had to prop it up to take photos :(

In this lotus pond I saw 2 basic colors - white and blue. And a large number of lotus blossoms that appear to have a touch of blue, like the result of marriage between the two basic colors of this pond ... Almost white, the blue only can be seen in the right light.
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Winter Berries

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Children are always very inventive and their imaginations know no boundaries especially when it comes to gardening. mad_hatter.jpgAs Joe Swift mentioned earlier, the Children's Quirky Container Competition was a great example of this. Schools across the Cheshire area have submitted an amazing range of interesting and unusual containers to be judged by visitors to the show. I had a look through and was really surprised by how good they were, from small scale exhibits like the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, entered by Bexton Primary School, Knutsford to a large scale container made from a Piano. piano.jpgCreated by Park Royal School, Macclesfield, this was entitled Keys to Health and Happiness! (get it!) It looked spectacular although I can't help wondering what the music teacher thought? There is one container that I know will particularly appeal to my colleague Louise. St Anne's Fulshaw, Church of England School created a chest shaped container overflowing with bright nasturtiums and other bedding plants, entitledchest.jpg Ooh Arrgh Pirate's Treasure (She's from Cornwall you know). The RHS are very keen to encourage children to get into gardening and are actively campaigning for it to be added to the school curriculum, with young minds as inventive as this, it can only be a good thing. Also as part of the Tatton tenth anniversary celebrations Children under 15 get into the show free this year.
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